Tell Me What to Draw


Artist Lesley Ash has recently embarked on a great new art project via Twitter.  She is challenging everyone she tweets to tell her what to draw – literally.  She has even managed to get some celebrities involved including Hal Sparks and Martin Starr.  Check out her link and tweet her @LesleyDrewYou if you want to participate.  Her work is great and definitely worth a look!

New Link – Doodlers Anonymous

I just found out about this blog via Twitter: Doodlers Anonymous.  I’ve added them as a link to the blog and am looking forward to following them.  They have a great new project on the site called Say Draw Hello.  I may participate but I only have pink Post-Its!

Fresh Fish

Fresh Fish 1


Apparently I spread myself a little too thin last night.  I was drawing all night, but on several different projects, so I didn’t finish anything.  I thought I should put something up anyway, so here’s one of my first attempts at coloring with Corel Painter on my Wacom tablet (which I adore!).

I would also like to say that, while I haven’t completed any of the Dani Draws projects, this blog has helped to keep me motivated – constantly.  Suddenly I have this burst of enthusiasm and all I can think about all day is getting home so I can do some more work (and of course, see my hubby to be)!  So thank you to everyone who has been visiting the blog and following me on Twitter!

Oh … and it’s my birthday today… so …


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Personal Signature

This weekend was very busy for me in the best way.  Any time spent at home was time spent drawing (except for an hour or so watching episodes of The Wire).  I finished a new logo/signature to use as a branding tool and I think it came out pretty well.  I would love to hear your thoughts about it.  Also, as an illustrator or designer, do you have a “logo”?  Where and how often do you use it?


In B Flat

I discovered this project through Twitter and was completely amazed by it.  It is a series of videos on the same page that you can start all at once or in any order you like and it will be beautiful.  Please listen and share.

DUMBO Art Under the Bridge Festival

Snapshot!A friend recently alerted me to this Dumbo Arts Festival happening this weekend, September 25th – 27th.  I’ve never been but I hope to find a chance to go this weekend because it looks like so much fun!   Creative people allowed to run wild in Brooklyn?  I’m there!

I like my women, like I like my coffee…


… covered in BEEEEES!!  This is a drawing I did a few years ago inspired by Eddie Izzard.   I’ve been a big fan of his stand-up.

Frederick Seidel, Inadvertently

Fred Seidel


After doing a little drawing last night, I showed this one to my fiance.  His reaction:  “That’s Fred Seidel!”  He grabbed one of his Frederick Seidel books and flipped it over to show me the photo of Seidel on the back cover.  I have to admit, it beared some resemblance.  Poetry isn’t usually the first thing I choose to read, but if you haven’t any of his work, it’s fantastic.  Here is a piece that was published in the New Yorker.

Personal PSA

Conservation PSA

Just in time for your morning ritual (unless you’re here on the East Coast and have a day job), here’s a little public service announcement from me to you.