Lesson Learned


I took a quick picture of this to put up so you can see what I’ve been working on.  This was going to be my entry for this week’s Illustration Friday topic: Flying.  I love the concept and may still finish it despite the fact that I won’t make it by Friday.  All of my acrylic paints turned out to be dried up, but I’m happy with the way the kid’s face is turning out.  Despite the fact that I haven’t painted in probably two years, it looks like I’ve still got some skills, but apparently I need to switch to oils (which I love) or buy some new acrylics.

I’ve gotten hooked on posting something new as often as possible and trying to get those lovely visitor spikes, but am I really accomplishing anything?  Does that have any bearing on my future illustration career?  Today I thought of a great illustration project that will hopefully push my portfolio to a more professional place.  I understand that working on this project and doing research for it is much more important than being sure to post a new drawing everyday.  Quality versus quantity!  So, I apologize if my blog posts become infrequent, although I will still try to put up interesting illustration and art world news as well as new drawings and sketches.  It will totally be worth it.


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