Just for the Hell of It


I don’t have anything completely finished to show you at the moment, so I thought I’d entertain you with one of the oddest looking creatures you’ll ever see.  The Star-Nosed Mole. Photos of this thing and some of the other strange creatures roaming this earth seem to have been making the rounds via email and Twitter in the recent weeks, so it seemed fitting that I had just done this quick drawing.  I may be using it for an animal-oriented project I’m currently researching.  Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Just for the Hell of It

  1. I was wandering why I have seen this Star-Nosed Mole and realized it was because it was one of the characters in kid movie G-Force. My friend Amy made me see it, in 3D no less. This could be a cool wanted sign, since the Mole ended up being the bad guy.

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