IF Entry: Frozen

Good ole fashioned game of "Red Ligh, Green Light." FREEZE! Good ole fashioned game of "Red Ligh, Green Light." FREEZE!


For a couple of reasons I’m disappointed with the way this piece turned out.  I’m very happy with the concept and the layout, but the acrylic paint just didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to.  I think this has convinced me to go back to inking on paper and then coloring digitally.  Another issue I had was my current scanner.  As I’ve mentioned before and as you can see, it seems to pick up all the details I want it to ignore and smooth over all of the interesting detail!  I’ve ordered a new one so you won’t be subjected to such low quality scans in the future.

I am submitting this to Illustration Friday as is, but tonight I plan to re-ink it, scan it and color it digitally.  If I’m allowed to resubmit I will, but I will definitely post the results here.  It should be an interesting comparison and I think it will shed some light on where my true skill is.  I love painting, but sometimes acrylics and I just don’t get along that well.

In terms of the concept and color, I would really love to get feedback on this one.  Since I plan to do it over tonight I would appreciate genuine criticism – I have thick skin, I can take it!

4 thoughts on “IF Entry: Frozen

  1. This turned out really nice– I like the digital version as well. I gave up on trying to scan my paintings and now photograph them in indirect sunlight (usually outdoors)… and then do light retouching in Photoshop. Have had much better results that way.

  2. Thanks for looking Eric – I’m a big fan of your work. That’s a great idea. I did get a new scanner so hopefully going future scans will come out better. I think acrylic can be too shiny for some scanners.

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