Journal 11-21



A couple of weeks ago there were no trains running in my neighborhood so the MTA was running a shuttle bus to replace the trains.  Needless to say it made running my errands in the city much more time consuming.  At least I had some time to do this little drawing.  I didn’t write anything at the time and after the fact I decided that it would be nice to let the drawing have a little breathing room.

Doctor Octo in Color!

Here he is! Doctor Octo is finally in color! I did some cross-hatching in Illustrator (which was much more time consuming that pen and ink!) with some interesting results.  I would love to know if you prefer the original drawing in black and white or this one.  As I’m sure you can see from the work I’ve been doing lately, I’ve been doing a lot of experimentation.  I’m still trying to nail down the look and feel that I want my work to have.

Christmas is coming…


Since everyone else seems to be in the Christmas spirit already, I decided to jump on the bandwagon with this little design.  Walking to the train from work one night I saw lights that a business had put on the tree outside of the building and I was inspired.  Designs like this are unusual for me, but right now I’m open to whatever wants to come spilling out of my head!  I would love to use this as a Christmas card – if only I sent out Christmas cards.  I’m the worst at correspondence because holidays always seem to sneak up on me.  Buying thoughtful gifts on time is the best I can do right now.  Maybe next year when I’ll be an old married lady I’ll design a card for me and the hubby. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Win an Uber-Doodle

Last week Uberkraaft aka Matt Williams posted a contest on Doodler’s Anonymous to give people a chance to win an original Uberkraaft doodle.  I am personally a big fan of his work so I was excited to participate.  Above is my entry.  I made it in under the wire, as today was the deadline.  This doodle was done on a color fabric swatch card I got from work.  It’s amazing how difficult it can be to find the time to do a simple doodle!  Doodling has never been my strength.  I have a tendency to be very judgmental of my ideas and rarely allow myself to freely doodle regardless of how ugly or weird it turns out.

Doctor Octo!


Thumbnail of Doctor Octo for Professor Wellington!

Chris Eliopoulos (@eliohouse) recently put out a call on his blog for archaeologists, geologists, adventurers, etc. to join his character Professor Wellington. Myself and many others have answered that call!  Meet Doctor Octo – the best multitasker you’ll find on land or sea!

Journal 11-15




First, I would like to thank all of the people who commented on my “Unbalanced” illustration – the support was much appreciated.  It also really clarified some things for me in terms of my own work and what I would like to be doing.

Here are a couple more journal pages. I haven’t been drawing in it as much as I had planned, but I’m still drawing almost everyday.  I have a tendency to keep several sketchbooks and sometimes I have an idea for sketch that will turn into a final piece so I don’t start it in my Moleskine.  Hope you enjoy them – I turned the second page on its side so you can check out the drawing without having to turn your head.


IF: Unbalanced (and Brave)

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with different coloring techniques – some of them were successful and some of them were … less than successful.  What I’ve come to realize time and time again is that my true talent lies more with black and white drawing.  When I’m using pen and ink I manage to get so much more detail.  Not to mention the fact that I love working with cross-hatching.  A drawing done with lots of detail and cross-hatching can feel more intricate and personal because you know the artist took the time to make every single mark on that page – and there are quite a lot of them!

Two of my biggest cross-hatching influences are R. Crumb and Jamie Tanner. Crumb recently published an illustrated version of the book of Genesis that is fantastic and Jamie Tanner is the author of The Aviary. He is currently working on a second book thanks to the support of myself and other backers over at Kickstarter.


I’m also submitting this drawing for another Illustration Friday.  It fit perfectly for another topic: Brave.  Maybe that’s cheating, but it was too good a fit to ignore!

Three Little Pigs Drawing

Little Pig

Thank you so much to everyone who commented about the Three Little Pigs character sketches earlier this week.  I think I am going to sketch out and ink a few pages before I start doing any coloring.  I need some practice creating clear color palettes for my work, so I think coloring them all at once will help me keep everything harmonious.  The medium is still up in the air, but with the line drawing put together and saved in Photoshop, I now have some freedom to play around the with colors and to try out various paitning techniques to see what I like best.  I’m really hoping that these will turn into some strong portfolio pieces and help to give me some clarity in terms of the kind of work I want to be doing.

Stitched Illustrations by Peter Crawley

peter crawley

Amazing illustrator Peter Crawley has recently been featured on Ape on the Moon (which is a fantastic blog that you all should subscribe to!).  His stitched illustrations give an eye-catching 3-D element to what would otherwise be flat images.  They are simple and striking. 

You should check out both his website and his portfolio on Society6.

Fairy Tale Character Sketches



In order to help focus my work on portfolio pieces, I have decided to take an already existing story and illustrate it.  ‘The Three Little Pigs’ seemed like a great place to start.  It’s a story with many variations and also features animals, which are more fun for me to draw.  These are initial character sketches for the third pig and for the wolf.  Reading the original story by Joseph Jacobs was fascinating because it was a version I hadn’t heard and includes the death of the first two pigs as well as the wolf being eaten for dinner!  Below is the story for your reading pleasure.  I would really appreciate some genuine critiques on these characters as I plan to start sketching out some full scenes tonight.  Thank you!

“Once upon a time when pigs spoke rhyme
  And monkeys chewed tobacco,
  And hens took snuff to make them tough,
  And ducks went quack, quack, quack, O!

There was an old sow with three little pigs, and as she had not enough to keep them, she sent them out to seek their fortune. The first that went off met a man with a bundle of straw, and said to him:

“Please, man, give me that straw to build me a house.”

Which the man did, and the little pig built a house with it. Presently came along a wolf, and knocked at the door, and said:

“Little pig, little pig, let me come in.”

To which the pig answered:

“No, no, by the hair of my chiny chin chin.”

The wolf then answered to that:

“Then I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house in.”

So he huffed, and he puffed, and he blew his house in, and ate up the little pig.

The second little pig met a man with a bundle of furze, and said:

“Please, man, give me that furze to build a house.”

Which the man did, and the pig built his house. Then along came the wolf, and said:

“Little pig, little pig, let me come in.”

“No, no, by the hair of my chiny chin chin.”

“Then I’ll puff, and I’ll huff, and I’ll blow your house in.”

So he huffed, and he puffed, and he puffed, and he huffed, and at last he blew the house down, and he ate up the little pig.

The third little pig met a man with a load of bricks, and said:

“Please, man, give me those bricks to build a house with.”

So the man gave him the bricks, and he built his house with them. So the wolf came, as he did to the other little pigs, and said:

“Little pig, little pig, let me come in.”

“No, no, by the hair of my chiny chin chin.”

“Then I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house in.”

Well, he huffed, and he puffed, and he huffed and he puffed, and he puffed and huffed; but he could not get the house down. When he found that he could not, with all his huffing and puffing, blow the house down, he said:

“Little pig, I know where there is a nice field of turnips.”

“Where?” said the little pig.

“Oh, in Mr. Smith’s Home-field, and if you will be ready tomorrow morning I will call for you, and we will go together, and get some for dinner.”

“Very well,” said the little pig, “I will be ready. What time do you mean to go?”

“Oh, at six o’clock.”

Well, the little pig got up at five, and got the turnips before the wolf came (which he did about six) and who said:

“Little Pig, are you ready?”

The little pig said: “Ready! I have been and come back again, and got a nice potful for dinner.”

The wolf felt very angry at this, but thought that he would be up to the little pig somehow or other, so he said:

“Little pig, I know where there is a nice apple-tree.”

“Where?” said the pig.

“Down at Merry-garden,” replied the wolf, “and if you will not deceive me I will come for you, at five o’clock tomorrow and get some apples.”

Well, the little pig bustled up the next morning at four o’clock, and went off for the apples, hoping to get back before the wolf came; but he had further to go, and had to climb the tree, so that just as he was coming down from it, he saw the wolf coming, which, as you may suppose, frightened him very much. When the wolf came up he said:

“Little pig, what! are you here before me? Are they nice apples?”

“Yes, very,” said the little pig. “I will throw you down one.”

And he threw it so far, that, while the wolf was gone to pick it up, the little pig jumped down and ran home. The next day the wolf came again, and said to the little pig:

“Little pig, there is a fair at Shanklin this afternoon, will you go?”

“Oh yes,” said the pig, “I will go; what time shall you be ready?”

“At three,” said the wolf. So the little pig went off before the time as usual, and got to the fair, and bought a butter-churn, which he was going home with, when he saw the wolf coming. Then he could not tell what to do. So he got into the churn to hide, and by so doing turned it round, and it rolled down the hill with the pig in it, which frightened the wolf so much, that he ran home without going to the fair. He went to the little pig’s house, and told him how frightened he had been by a great round thing which came down the hill past him. Then the little pig said:

“Hah, I frightened you, then. I had been to the fair and bought a butter-churn, and when I saw you, I got into it, and rolled down the hill.”

Then the wolf was very angry indeed, and declared he would eat up the little pig, and that he would get down the chimney after him. When the little pig saw what he was about, he hung on the pot full of water, and made up a blazing fire, and, just as the wolf was coming down, took off the cover, and in fell the wolf; so the little pig put on the cover again in an instant, boiled him up, and ate him for supper, and lived happy ever afterwards.”