Right now on Flickr there is a group called With|Without|Covet where artists are finishing the statements: “I can’t live with…” “I can’t live without…” and “I covet…” It’s such a fun idea and some great artists have finished the statements in their own ways.  Above is my entry for the group.  I also have detail images of each statement posted on my Flickr page.  I enjoyed doing these fun little drawings and learned how fun it can be to play with the lettering (not that I did anything outrageous!).  Be sure to let me know if you participate because I want to see what my readers can do!


4 thoughts on “With|Without|Covet

  1. You’re so funny! Is there a connection between all the yummy meat to eat and coveting dogs? (like, you can’t live without the meat, and neither can the dog you covet!). Great post, fun drawings . . . go go go!

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