Journal 12/3


It seems that I haven’t been in the mood to do much writing lately.  This was a drawing inspired by how I was feeling at work this week.  Just trudging through.  Since then I’ve managed to snag a genuine illustration gig (or two)!  I don’t feel like my portfolio is ready to be promoted to art directors yet, but I do feel like I’m ready for a few tiny little jobs to get my feet wet.  Now I have to quickly learn as much as I can about the business of illustration so that I don’t get taken advantage of.

13 thoughts on “Journal 12/3

  1. Great drawing, I know how you feel – I’ve also been feeling like I’ve just been trudging through – making do. But I do have an exhibition to look forward to ^__^

  2. Beautiful drawing. Glad to have found your blog.What did drawing tool did you use?(I’m a pencil sketchbook person that is really hating the graphite mess)…and your moleskine looks so clean! :)Thanks!

  3. Hey Michelle,Lovely drawing – really captures how you were feeling. I really like the subtle hatching on the shadow.Totally know where you’re coming from here – with so many other commitments, I’m finding it hard to work on pulling my portfolio together too and feel like I’m just trudging.Congrats on your first illustration jobs – first of many I’m sure.

  4. Thanks! I’m starting to look into pens. I don’t mean for you to endorse any particular brand, etc… but wanted to know… are these brush-pens, or black felt markers?

  5. Thanks Michelle!So a varied arsenal is inevitable.You never know in what mood you’ll be.That hatching is solid! And that emotion!Thanks again!

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