Medicinal Honey


This is an illustration I did to accompany an article for my company’s newsletter on the medicinal value of honey.  I like the way the drawing came out and I thought I would try something a little different by only coloring a portion of the image.  I would like to go back and redo the color.  Last night I was a bit rushed and wasn’t able to use my drawing tablet so I think I will go back in and try to give it some richer color and a more painterly look.

Also, a bit of news:  I officially have four legitmate illustration jobs!  I was starting to feel like it would be a very long time before I was able to get real work, but now it’s here!  I know that working as an illustrator comes with times of feast and famine so I’m going to do my best to enjoy this time and not stress if it’s a few months before something else comes along.  These are great opportunities for me to gain experience and hopefully a few portfolio pieces for when I’m ready to start promoting myself to art directors.  Thank you to everyone for all your supportive comments – it means a lot to me!

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