IF: Hatch

Again this week I didn’t have the time to actually complete my concept for Illustration Friday.  Between the illustration jobs (yay!) and trying to see friends and family for the holidays, my own work has taken a back seat.  I decided to share this sketch because it has inspired me to do a much bigger and more complicated version of this concept.  That being said, I would really love some critiques on this – particularly on the layout.  I plan to do this much bigger with a wider angle and lots more chicks (“Chicks Maaan” sorry – channeling ‘The Soup’).  I will probably adjust the angle so that the viewer isn’t looking at the aisle head-on.  Also, the speech bubble probably won’t exist, that was just for fun.

3 thoughts on “IF: Hatch

  1. Lol, awesome! I’d love to see all those chicks when finished. Adding more chicks, each doing some random thing or other would only increase the awesomeness =D But you should definitely keep the one that’s close-up, and the one popping his head up to the right.

  2. Great look. I like the look o fthe first chick on the left. It draws you to it. Maybe a draw the big Chick in closer…maybe more of a head shot, looking right at us.

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