Jamie Tanner, Bobby Chiu and WiP

Just in time to be an early Christmas present, I received these nice little gifts from Jamie Tanner as a reward for supporting his Kickstarter project.  I was expecting the handsome Bird Man mini sketchbook and the mini zine of his Inktober drawings, but the lovely squid ‘Thank You’ print was an extra bonus.  So a big thank you to Jamie and a huge congratulations on having his project more than fully funded!  I look forward to continuing updates on the project.

I feel bad that I haven’t had as much new work to show you lately so I thought I would show you some of what I’ve been working on.  Above is a shot of my drawing table and my larger, in-progress version of the recent Illustration Friday topic “Hatch.”  The sketch is what I had submitted as my entry and I liked the topic so much that I decided to work on something more finished and more complicated.  There will be many more chicks in a more complete environment.  When I think about it in my head I imagine it in color, but I plan to do it in my black and white, cross-hatching style.  I can always do a digital painting of it later – which I just might do.  Later this week I plan to start one of Bobby Chiu’s digital painting classes over on Schoolism. The self-taught classes are on sale until 12/26 if you’ve wanted to learn more about digital painting.  Bobby Chiu’s work is fantastic, along with the fact that he’s just a nice guy (he called me immediately after I emailed a question about the classes) and I’m really looking forward to learning from someone with such talent.

And with that, I would like to wish you all a Happy Holiday season and a Happy, creativity-filled New Year!

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