Happy New Year!

It’s December 31st already and I’m not entirely sure how that happened.  It’s been a busy year for me and I’m looking forward to an even crazier year in 2010.  Some highlights from my year:

  • Getting engaged and moving in with my fiance!
  • Moving again thanks to crazy upstairs neighbors and finding a new, amazing place.
  • Making the decision to kick-start an illustration career and getting a few real jobs.
  • My Christmas miracle: Somehow getting bumped above the 23 people on the last standby flight to Omaha on Christmas Eve, that flight actually taking off despite snow in Minneapolis and freezing fog in Omaha, and getting to my brother’s house safely.

All in all it was a great year.  I have a lot to look forward to next year including my wedding (and honeymoon, of course!) and the possibility of moving to another state.  I have also set a couple of goals for myself like finishing my portfolio and having my work appear in a publication.

What goals have you set for yourself in 2010?

Below are a few sketches I did in my Moleskine over the holiday.  I received a set of Posca Uni-Paint markers that I’ve started playing with. I love the way they look and they are so easy to use. Unfortunately, they do bleed through Moleskine pages a bit … The baby chicken in army gear was a detailed study for a larger piece I’m doing based on the Illustration Friday topic “Hatch” from about 2 weeks ago.


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