Digital Painting Diary #1

Lesson 1

Last night I finished my first assignment for the Digital Painting class I’m taking over at  I highly recommend this site!  The class is amazing so far and I still have 8 lessons left.  It’s taugh by Bobby Chiu, who’s work is just unbelieveable.  I’m taking the self-taught course, so I watch the videos, do the assignment, and then Bobby will give me a grade.  If you take the regular class he will actually create a video critique for you.  They offer a lot of other classes, so if you’ve been considering one definitely head over to

For the first class, Bobby taught us how to paint effectively with light and dark by building up a lot of layers slowly.  The assignment was done on a pencil drawing that he provided.  I certainly can’t draw muscle-men quite like that!  But the shading is all mine.

5 thoughts on “Digital Painting Diary #1

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