Journal 1-20-10

This is a carrot.  A very angry carrot.  I’m not totally sure where he came from, but here he is.  I thought of this at work when someone used the phrase “the carrot pant” (I have no idea what they mean by that) and then he appeared in my Moleskine.  The color was done with some Tombow art markers, but they don’t work that well on Moleskine paper.  Even though the color came out a little weird, I still like the drawing.  I’m also starting to loosen up with my sketchbook stuff and just let strange ideas flow.  I need to experiment more when I get new art materials in order to find what works best for me, so this is only the beginning of weird, strangely colored drawings!

2 thoughts on “ANGRY CARROTS!

  1. Angry, indeed! It looks grumpy and bitter! Which, in this case, is a good thing since he is an angry carrot. I would love to see him interact with, let’s say, a very happy and cheerful radish.I also find it difficult sometimes to loosen up, but once I do it, and get into it, it just feels great letting it all out!Keep it up!

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