IF: Clumsy & Journal 1-27-2010

Journal 1/27/2010

I loved the Illustration Friday topic this week: Clumsy. It sounded like so much fun!  Unfortunately I didn’t have the time I would have liked to devote to this topic.  I did, however, find the time to do this little sketch.  I took a page out of Pascal Campion’s book and tried to add some anticipation.

This was a case of a  bad choice of materials.  I used a Faber-Castell brush pen, which just isn’t the best pen for me.  I also used it on a previous Illustration Friday piece.  Every time I’ve used the brush pen, I’m just not happy with it.  I need something with a finer line and a little more control.  I’ve ordered a Tachikawa pen that I’m very excited to try out.  I love using dip pens, but they can be a bit inconvenient for sketching and they aren’t very portable.  Hopefully this pen will give me the line quality I want with the portability and ease of a regular felt tip pen.

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