The Renmen Project for Haiti

The Renmen Project was recently launched and is a cause that I would like to support whole-heartedly.  The devastating earthquake in Haiti has left so many without food, water, or shelter and I think it’s important that we all do what we can to help a nation that doesn’t have the power to help all who need it. 

The Renmen Project

A project in aid of UNICEF’s Haiti Earthquake Emergency Fund


Project description

Renmen’ is the Haitian word for Love, the bird in the logo is the Hispaniolan Trogon, the national bird of Haiti. ‘The Renmen Project’ has been brought together by the team at Thunder Chunky and Ben The Illustrator in order to raise funds for UNICEF’s Haiti Earthquake Children’s Appeal.

Throughout 2010 we will be working with a selection of top artists and designers from around the world to create artwork which we will be selling online. Every penny made from art sales will be going to Unicef’s appeal fund.

The web address for the project is:


Staying up to date

As soon as we add new artists to the line up and new items to the shop, we will send the details out to the special Renmen Project mailing list. There’s a form to sign up for it over on the official Renmen Project site:

Thank you so much for your support, we really, really appreciate it, and fingers crossed we raise a whole bunch of money for a desperate cause.

Finally, if you’d like more information of UNICEF’s Emergency Fund then go to:

Take care

The Renmen Project team!

Their first offering is a hand drawn sketch on parchment paper by Ben the Illustrator.  They are on sale now!  Each one sold will provide a family with a basic water kit.  Please check them out and get involved!  If you’ve bee thinking about donating and haven’t found the right fund or just haven’t gotten around too it, now’s the time!

Follow them on Twitter

The Renmen Project

Ben the Illustrator


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