Journal 1-28-2010

Journal 1/28/2008

So, I just rounded off a series of very busy and exhausting weeks!  Aside from my day job and my personal life I’ve been hard at work on a couple of client projects as well as my digital painting class.  Yesterday I finished off the client projects so now I can concentrate on my class and on creating more personal work.  The freedom feels great for now!  I’m also gearing up for a larger project I can’t talk about, but I can say that it is a fantastic opportunity and I want to make sure my plate is cleared so I can really focus on it.

You can read my ramblings above and see that I’m doing a bit of experimenting with markers and Posca paint markers.  As I’ve said before, I’m working on developing a style that will be directed towards the children’s market because I think that is where I would ultimately like to end up.

One thought on “Journal 1-28-2010

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