IF: Focused – and a Bonus Doodle

This started out as just a fun little experiment with my Poscas and it turned out to fit in with this week’s Illustration Friday topic: Focused.  So here it is!

I’m enjoying working with the markers, but I wish they had a wider variety of colors.  After working with them I may switch to acrylic or give gouache a try one of these days.  I love the bright colors and the opacity of the markers, though.I also did this little doodle.  In hindsight I should have left it in black and white, but I’ve learned not to be too precious with these little drawings in order to learn more about techniques that work for me.  I think I may be on the verge of finding a style that is well-suited for children.

I’ve been doing so much sketching and doodling lately that I haven’t produced a finished piece in quite a while. Maybe that should be a goal for the weekend?  Especially if I plan to have work geared to all ages/adults and work geared to children – neither one should get more attention at this point. Do you have multiple styles?

2 thoughts on “IF: Focused – and a Bonus Doodle

  1. I think your style would be well suited for gouache. Give it a try for sure! That second image with the huge eyes is a good one for “focused!” It feels like she’s focused on the viewer…intensely. Cool!

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