Steampunk Monkey

This is officially one of my new favorite drawings.  I’m calling it steampunk, but if I’m way off base with that, someone please let me know.  This is another drawing that came out of nowhere.  I was pleased with the way the different cross-hatching styles looked up against the stippling that I did on the monkey’s body.  The metal marabou I posted the other day and this piece represent a style that I plan to pursue pretty heavily.

My sketching pen of choice lately has been my Tachikawa School-G nib fountain pen.  At first it was a little inconsistent, but now that I’m using it regularly the ink has a great flow, the nib is nice and flexible and the ink dries pretty quickly. It’s perfect for drawing on the go.

12 thoughts on “Steampunk Monkey

  1. I want to call him Mr. Kon (shh, don’t tell. Just between steampunk and me)Love the work you are producing, Michelle. It’s getting more and more interesting and can’t wait to see what you are going to come up with next.

  2. Very nice illustration. I’m sure a name will come to you. Some illustrations take longer than others, but the creatures we create stay with us and eventually they will share their names either in a quiet whisper or by a loud exclamation of thoughts.

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