Rough Pup

Today was a snow day, so I took the opportunity to practice a few of the skills I’ve been learning in my digital painting class.  I was inspired by a weird pattern on our bathroom rug to draw this little pup and once I had drawn him in Photoshop I decided to add some texture.  I was going to give him a background, but didn’t want to just slap him on a wall or something so I decided to leave him alone.  I would love some real critiques even though it’s a very simple image.  As I’m learning I want to make sure I’m not making rookie mistakes that you professionals can spot a mile away!


3 thoughts on “Rough Pup

  1. Very nice texturing.Nose might look better if it was a bit more symmetrical, but that is very much a subjective thing. Some people will like it as it is.The drop shadows make this & lift it from a a flat 2d piece to a tactile 3d image that jumps from the page.Works much better without a background in my opinion.

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