Metal Menagerie Process

For my latest drawing, I decided to take a couple of pictures along the way so you could see it come to life.  I sketched this piece out in Col-Erase blue pencil.  This was the first time I’d used the blue pencil underneath and I really liked it – it saved me a lot of time and energy on erasing everything later since it was much easier to just remove the blue in Photoshop.  Once the drawing was finished I started in with my Tachikawa School-G Nib pen that I love so much these days.  Above you can see the initial outlines for everything.  You can see from the pencils that I had considered putting in a banner of some sort like an old carnival ad, but I decided to just work with the image itself.

At this point in the drawing is where I start to worry that I’m going to make a bad decision and ruin the whole thing!  I’m learning to trust my instincts (and asking Chris for his opinion every 5 minutes), but when I like a drawing that feeling always creeps up at some point.  As you can see I’ve started filling in everything with a base tone of cross-hatching.

And here is the finished piece.  The idea for it came from two of my recent drawings (here and here) and also from my newfound interest in both steampunk and old carnival/sideshow imagery.  It is now available as a print from Society6 – click here to go to my shop.  Shortly after it was posted on Society 6, this drawing was on their front page as a popular drawing for the day, so thank you to all who promoted it!

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