Chaotic Life


I hate it when I go for a snack and there’s a giant panda in my way…


We are now a week and half from moving out of our apartment and 6 weeks from officially moving to Denver. Needless to say, life is a bit chaotic right now. Fortunately, I have lots of exciting news to share.

I’m almost finished with my short children’s story, “The Panda in the Pantry” that I have been teasing (sneak peek above) and will hopefully have a lot more information to share about in August. Also, last week I was hired for two magazine editorial illustrations which are my first real illustration jobs. This is particularly exciting because one of my goals for this year was to have my work printed in a publication. 

I’m feeling good about the possibility of continued freelance work when we arrive in Denver and I’m starting to send out promo materials to art directors there. I’m still looking for a job there, either part or full-time, so if you have any leads you want to send my way, they would be much appreciated.

The last year has been so crazy but all my hard work is starting to pay off. When I first began my journey into illustration it felt like such a huge uphill battle and it definitely is, but it’s nowhere near an impossible battle. If you’re determined to succeed and put in the work, it will happen. I recently purchased Thomas James’ new eBook “15 Steps to Freelance Illustration” and although I don’t have time now to go through it, once I get to Denver I will be following those steps to insure that the business I have built so far continues to grow. The book looks amazine and I would definitely recommend picking up a copy if you are starting to build an illustration business.

Postcard Giveaway!

My shiny new postcards and business cards from have finally arrived! In celebration I will be giving away a postcard and business card of the winner’s choice.

I need your help. I want to know how you view my work and how you would describe it. To be entered, comment on this blog post with 3 words you would use to describe my work. It can be 3 unrelated words, a phrase, or a whole sentence if you’re feeling extra descriptive!

The winner will be chosen at random from the comments below. The giveaway ends tomorrow, June 8th, at 12pm EST. Good luck and thank you!



And the winner is Mikayla! Congratulations!

And thank you all so much for participating. I hope to do more giveaways in the future and possibly include original artwork.


IF: Slither

This little guy wants to be the drum major so badly. Unfortunately, he can’t march but can only slither!

Finally, I get to participate in Illustration Friday again. I’ve been so busy with other projects that I haven’t had the time or leftover creative energy to create something new just for fun. Last night, after being inspired by Colonel Windpipe’s Musical Brigade, being headed up by artists Lesley Barnes and Uberkraaft, this little guy wiggled out of my brain. I know it’s a bit cliched to draw a snake for the topic “Slither” but he was a lot of fun to draw.