OutSmart Illustration

Smart! It’s a tiny car with a giant heart!

Illustrator Gemma Randall has organized a huge group of artists and illustrators to create a book celebrating the wonderful Smart Car. This book is going to be pitched as a true ad campaign so it’s an incredible opportunity. I was fortunate enough to get involved and I just finished my piece for the book. You can read more about the project at Digital Arts Online and see some of the other pieces submitted so far. From what I’ve seen so far, I think this is going to be an amazing book featuring some very talented people. If you would like to know more and see all the pieces that have been submitted, check out the project’s blog.

This piece is also available for promotion on Society6.

Editorial Illustration for The Deli Magazine

My first published editorial illustration is out now! The latest issue of The Deli Magazine – NYC is in stores as we speak! Above is how they laid out the article with the illustration and below is a detail of the illustration. The issue will be available for download on their website and you can also find it in NYC at the following locations:

Williamsburg – Sound Fix Records, Beacon’s Closet, South Side Guitars

LES – Pianos, Cake Shop, Ludlow Guitars

East Village – Other Music
Grab yourself a copy! They are sending me copies so as soon as I have them I’ll post a picture of what the printed illustration looks like. I’m so excited about how it turned out and they have my name and website displayed prominently which I really appreciate. You can also download the PDF version of the issue here. They were a breeze to work with and I hope to get the chance to work with them again in the future.
A few of my latest projects have come to a close so if you’re looking for some great illustration, I’m available for hire!

Work in Peculiar Bliss!

Issue #2 of Peculiar Bliss was released today and the piece I submitted was accepted!

“PeculiarBliss.com is a stream of doodles and images, featuring creative, original works from sketchbooks and other mediums into one location, with the hope to inspire continued creative thinking.”

You can find the latest issue here.

The University of Denver Magazine – Editorial Illustration

I’m so excited to share this piece since my piece for The Deli Magazine won’t come out until next week. Two weeks ago I received an email from someone at the University of Denver Magazine. They wanted me to create an editorial illustration for an article titled “What We Wear in this Life” about a woman reminiscing about her late father while going through his old clothing. They wanted a realistic illustration loosely based on a few photos they provided. They found me through The Denver Egotist and it was purely a coincidence that my husband will be going to the University of Denver this fall.

We’ve now been living in my sister-in-law’s apartment for a week and a half and next weekend we fly to Denver to look for an apartment. We’re both very excited to get settled in our new space, especially because we will most likely have a lot more space than we have now. I have plans to paint my new work desk and Chris is picking out colors for his writing room (the second bedroom). We also went in to a pet store last night to pick out future toys for the dog we want to get in January. We can’t wait!