The University of Denver Magazine – Editorial Illustration

I’m so excited to share this piece since my piece for The Deli Magazine won’t come out until next week. Two weeks ago I received an email from someone at the University of Denver Magazine. They wanted me to create an editorial illustration for an article titled “What We Wear in this Life” about a woman reminiscing about her late father while going through his old clothing. They wanted a realistic illustration loosely based on a few photos they provided. They found me through The Denver Egotist and it was purely a coincidence that my husband will be going to the University of Denver this fall.

We’ve now been living in my sister-in-law’s apartment for a week and a half and next weekend we fly to Denver to look for an apartment. We’re both very excited to get settled in our new space, especially because we will most likely have a lot more space than we have now. I have plans to paint my new work desk and Chris is picking out colors for his writing room (the second bedroom). We also went in to a pet store last night to pick out future toys for the dog we want to get in January. We can’t wait!

6 thoughts on “The University of Denver Magazine – Editorial Illustration

  1. Hi Michelle!You really do nice stuff! I love your art!Well, about the pet, I totally suggest a Shih Tzu dog. That’s perfect for apartments, doesn’t bark so much and you don’t need to walk with him/her all the time (at least once or twice per day). The apartment (even the small ones) is big enough for a Shih Tzu, and having toys, the dog will not eat your furnitures! :DMine is a 1-year-old male, called Dexter. He’s really cute and I love him like a baby!Hugs!

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