Suburban Chix

Finally, more work to put up! I’ve been working on this piece at the same time as my piece for The Picture Book Report (which I hope to have finished later this week) so I’m very excited to have it ready to reveal. This is an editorial piece for The Tutor Mill based on an article about suburbanites who are illegally raising chickens in their backyards to save money on food. I tried to give this piece a lot of detail and line work while also leaving room for some experimentation with color and texture.

In the next week or two I plan to create some new promo pieces to really kick my illustration career into high gear, so stay tuned! And if you would like to work together, please click here to contact me.

Tutor Mill Editorial Assignment #1

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! My husband and I are now moved in to our new apartment in Denver and we’re almost completely settled in. I totally overestimated the amount of work I would be able to get done during that first week. Then we had to go back to Nebraska for my sister’s wedding and with an 8 hour drive on either end, it was an exhausting long weekend.

I am feeling a bit stressed about my lack of a job, but I’m trying to focus that energy on the projects I have and exciting new promo pieces I’m planning. On August 2nd, I started a wonderful class with The Tutor Mill, created by the amazing Gary Taxali. It’s such a great concept. You pick which class you want (anything from book cover design to the power of the idea) and you pick 2 teachers to work with you (I chose Marcos Chin and Ellen Weinstein). The piece above was my first finished assignment out of 3. I chose a class on humorous editorial illustration and my first brief was about a publishing company that is now trying to charge visitors for web content that was previously free. Let me know what you think!

As always, I’m available for hire! If you have a project you would like to collaborate on, get in touch!