Suburban Chix

Finally, more work to put up! I’ve been working on this piece at the same time as my piece for The Picture Book Report (which I hope to have finished later this week) so I’m very excited to have it ready to reveal. This is an editorial piece for The Tutor Mill based on an article about suburbanites who are illegally raising chickens in their backyards to save money on food. I tried to give this piece a lot of detail and line work while also leaving room for some experimentation with color and texture.

In the next week or two I plan to create some new promo pieces to really kick my illustration career into high gear, so stay tuned! And if you would like to work together, please click here to contact me.

One thought on “Suburban Chix

  1. Hi Michelle, I find that since you have moved to Denver I go on FB more often. And I'm not sorry. Now we get to see your illustrations as you post them. I caught the wry smile on "your" face right away and I thought you were punning on suburban chic. But now I have the full explanation. The smile is still the best part. I'll show it to Ellen later.Love, Frank

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