Breakfast Sucks! Editorial Piece

This weekend I finished my last assignment for the Tutor Mill. The class was really fantastic and I made a lot of progress in just a few short weeks. My last assignment was for a humorous article called “Breakfast Sucks!” The author is poking fun at the breakfast craze in the dining world and thinks that breakfast is overrated. Below is the first version of my finished piece. I was taking a bit of inspiration from the old Ren & Stimpy cartoons where they would zoom in on something in disgusting detail. I took that disgusting detail and added it to breakfast, which was hard to do because I LOVE breakfast.

After getting some comments back from my teachers, I made a few adjustments. I started to play around with the line quality and the color of individual lines. It’s something I’ve always been interested in working with and this provided a great opportunity to experiment. It’s a subtle change that I think makes a big difference.

Then I thought I would see what it looked like without the lines at all. Obviously I would need to push the contrast in some places to define things better if this was going to be the finished piece.

Ultimately I think I’m going to stick with #2 for this piece, but I would really like to hear your opinions on each and which one you prefer. Does the piece without lines still look like my work or does it lose some of my personal style? I’m looking forward to playing with line color more in the future and will plan it out accordingly. Eventually I want to start drawing directly in Photoshop instead of scanning finished line work, but one experiment at a time for now.

3 thoughts on “Breakfast Sucks! Editorial Piece

  1. Hey lovely 🙂 – It's a great great illo either way. With the lines it retains more of a hand-drawn feel, which I guess is a bit more 'you' but I think it works just as well without the lines!

  2. Michelle I'm loving what you've come up with. I think your first attempt was pretty amazing, but after the refinements you nailed it. I will admit that I'm drawn to the first one because I'm a fan of the cartoony style. With the second image it looks more like something that I would see in an editorial, because it's has much more of softer quality to it. I like that there are so many small details to draw you around the picture, I think you did an excellent job!

  3. Wonderful work Michelle, looking at these makes me hungry!Number 2 looks great, my personal preference is number 1. Lines are something I use in my work, and I have made the decision to stick with them, after looking at removing like you are doing here. I really like drawing traditionally and scanning in, when drawing in Photoshop I have not been able to find the same qualities then I get from inking with a real pen, so i'm looking forward to hearing how you find it. I do think it's all down to personal preference, and it's great to try new things!Best,Ben

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