Fish and Bird

This weekend I managed to finished my whale illustration. Whales seem to be very popular these days, and I was all too happy to jump in with my own. This piece was inspired by the song “Fish and Bird” by Tom Waits. If you haven’t heard the song, you should find it. It is beautiful and utterly heartbreaking in a way that only Tom Waits can do. It was so much fun to go back to heavy cross-hatching, which I felt like I hadn’t done in a while. It’s a style that I want to keep as a part of my portfolio and it’s something that I love to do.

This piece is also for sale on my Society6 page.

Whale WIP and More!


In moving my blog, some images were sadly lost and I will be working to replace them as quickly as I can! In the meantime, pleases check out the work of the wonderful artists, even without the photo!


Several months ago, I promised to put up photos of my new studio space here in Denver. I’m not so great at unpacking and organizing, so those photos fell by the wayside. Which is a shame because my studio is a really great space. Our apartment has a loft that runs through the bedrooms and the living rooms and by some miracle, the movers managed to get my desk and drafting table up the tiny, metal, spiral staircase and into the loft. I tend to collect clutter, so being up and out of sight is also good for my marriage as my husband is usually neat and tidy.

For now, you only get one photo because I would be ashamed to show you the stacks of books and art supplies lying around. I did want to post this one though to showcase the artwork that’s on the wall. Top left is a a print by Matt Lyon (aka C86), next to that is a tiki illustration print by Zerostreet, and the bottom print is the work of Robin Boyden. It’s not everything I have to put up, but it’s a start! And thanks to the artists for their great work!

I also promised some pictures of “8: A Kid’s Book Anthology”, on sale now at I received my copies two weeks ago and they look fantastic! Look out for me and the other creators on Chris Oatley’s Artcast soon. We also created a podcast of a recent conversation we had that should be available soon.

Oh yes, there’s more. My new postcards arrived this week and I’ve started putting them in the mail. I ordered them from GotPrint and they quality is very good, especially for the price. They also shipped remarkably fast. Things have been fairly busy lately, but I know that means now is the time to look for new projects. So, if you’re looking for an illustrator, get in touch!

Yesterday I was finally able to get started on a new illustration that I think is coming along beautifully. It will be all in pen and ink and maybe a muted color underneath, but I wanted to go back to heavy cross-hatching since it wasn’t something I hadn’t done in a while.

And finally, thanks to everyone who continues to follow this blog and my work. I know it’s been quiet here for a few weeks, but I hope to have lots more work to show you soon.

New Illustrations for The Deli Magazine

A few weeks ago, I was thrilled to receive an email from The Deli Magazine asking me to do two new illustrations for the magazine. I have an illustration in their last issue for an article on music blogging. These are for a humorous article on “making it” by the band We Are Scientists.

The folks over at The Deli Magazine are great to work with and this article was especially fun to illustrate. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these pieces and be sure to check out the magazine! Remember – it’s FREE in New York City!

IF: Beneath

I didn’t have time to do a finished piece for Illustration Friday this week, but I’ve missed participating so I thought I would go ahead and enter this Halloween themed sketch. The best candy is always at the bottom of the bucket!

In the same sketching session I came up with this very random drawing. I think it stems from my desire to participate in the They Draw & Cook project but I don’t have any original recipes to provide. This crazy cook came jumping onto the page after a week and a half of working a temp desk job. I think being confined, once again, to a work day has jump started my brain. I got comfortable not working all day after we moved but now I have a new appreciation for the days when I could work on illustration all day.

8: A Kid’s Book Anthology Update UPDATED!

Hi everyone! I’ve got a couple of quick updates for you in regards to 8: A Kid’s Book Anthology. Copies will be available to order very, VERY soon and in the meantime, I’ve got some teasers to share with you. First, you can see a preview of the book here. Also, Denver Wagner has set up a lovely feature of the book here where you can read more about the book and about all of the creators. It’s been a wonderful, collaborative process all the way and I hope you will check it out!



As of now, the book is officially on sale! You can buy your copies over at Indy Planet. It’s taken a lot of hard work and a lot of patience, so we really hope you will help support our efforts. Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Tell anyone with kids! And once you’ve read it, you can give us a rave review on Indy Planet.

Thank you in advance to everyone who has and will be supporting this project. If you’re interested in collaborating with other illustrators on a similar project, check out Illopond, which is where this project came to life.