March is Sketchbook Month – Days 1-3

What is Sketchbook Month?

“Illustrator Cedric Hohnstadt has officially declared March 2011 to be Sketchbook Month and created this blog to celebrate. Contributors commit to doing at least one sketch each weekday for the entire month.”

I’m a few days late, but I am officially throwing my hat into the Sketchbook Month ring! Luckily, I’ve had more time for personal work lately and a few new projects that need lots of sketching, so I have a few catch-up sketches. Below are a few sketches for a new project and a quick color/value study for one of them. Generally speaking, my sketches are very loose but I plan to put up some more finished sketches for the rest of the month.



2 thoughts on “March is Sketchbook Month – Days 1-3

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