Diary Comic – Bookstore Woes


I’ve managed to get out another diary comic this week. When I started inking it I left off the borders and I think it actually works nicely that way. Below is the sketch of the comic so you can see my process a little bit. I’m trying to get in a lot of comics practice right now because I’m working on a new, spooky all-ages comic for a project over at Illopond.com. That being said, if you have any critiques please pass them along! I have thick skin, I promise.



I’ve also been working with my character design for the spooky story (the working title is The Detention). I’m working on getting my protagonist just right so I thought I’d post a few more sketches of him for Sketchbook Month.

3 thoughts on “Diary Comic – Bookstore Woes

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  3. Its a useful exercise but I’m really not comfortable with no borders – it looks rather cluttered to my eye. This might be a subjective thing but no borders is still a rarity in comics – probably for a good reason.

    Very good that you’re doing four fingers without making the hands look out of proportion – that is very difficult to achieve for a lot of people. Three will do if you’re in a hurry.

    As always your lettering is good (although I prefer the traditional printing rather than script as the latter can easily start to look scrappy if you’re not careful) – glad you put the missing “m” in šŸ™‚

    If you’re interested in going down the comics route I can highly recommend Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics” – still available from Amazon despite being some 16 years old & still one of the best, if not the best analysis of the comics genre.

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