Hat Delivery




Last week I created a drawing for Ads2Art Boulder. I added the background here just for fun, but the black and white drawing will grace the sides of a bike-share bike panel in the place of advertising for one year.

I’ve got some new work to show you very soon. I recently finished an original illustration that will appear in Ammo Magazine. I’m thrilled to be involved with Ammo – I’m a huge fan of the magazine and it’s an honor to have my work printed there.  I was also commissioned my  TAPS: The Beer Magazine (out of Canada) and will be able to show it to you as soon as they get the issue laid out.

Yesterday I noticed that I was only about 50 followers away from 2,000 on Twitter. As a thank you to all of my followers, I will be running a giveaway as soon as I hit that mark. I will be giving away one of the original drawings that was later turned into a colored illustration.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and have a lovely Memorial Day Weekend!

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