Ammo Magazine Illustration!



The new issue of Ammo Magazine is being launch today and I am honored to have this illustration printed in the magazine. The issue is being launched alongside the inkygoodness Character Totem Homecoming show. I only wish I could be there for the launch. I’ve been a fan of Ammo since it was first published, and if you aren’t familiar with it, please check out the site. It’s like a little handful of illustration candy!

You can purchase the magazine at Ammo’s website and you can also purchase prints of this piece at Society6.

Illustrated Profile Pictures

Sorry the blog has been slow lately. I’ve been working fast and furiously to finish up my comic for the next Illopond anthology. Here is a tiny peek at how it’s going.




Thanks to an invite from Eric Orchard, I recently joined Google+. He started offering his artistic services in the form of illustrated profile pictures. With his blessing (so I don’t step on any toes), I have decided to offer the same service. For $50 I will illustrate a simple portrait for use as a profile picture on all of your social media networks. I will do them in a style like the image below (with less detailed backgrounds) and will change something if you aren’t happy with it.



In addition, I can create a square, illustrate picture frame around a photo for $30 if you want something unique but still prefer using a photo. Get in touch with me here if you are interested!


The Good Lie – New York Times Magazine


A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were in New York visiting family, friends, and our old stomping grounds. The only thing I brought with me, in terms of my illustration work, was a sketchbook. I decided to take the opportunity to do lots of concept sketching for editorial illustration. I was able to read loads of the New York Times since my father-in-law gets the weekend paper (I just love reading a physical newspaper and relaxing over tea). I came across an article titled Living the Good Lie in the Times Magazine. The article explored a new trend in psychology with regards to people who are gay but who are also deeply Christian. They often struggle when their religious beliefs are equal to or more important than their sexual identity and some psychologists recommend that they stay in the closet in order to live the life that they want to live.

Happy Fourth of July!

In honor of the Fourth of July, I thought I would post some beach sketches I did while we were visiting family in New York. Things have been a little hectic lately between moving and traveling. I’ve also been working on a lot of things that I can’t show you just yet so I apologize for the lack of new work.