Bordo Bello Skate Deck Work in Progress



I’m almost finished creating an illustrated skate deck for Denver’s Bordo Bello by AIGA Colorado. The last time I illustrated a skate deck I used a dip pen and ink. If only I had known then that Sharpies were the perfect tool! I love the way this deck is coming out and I have high hopes that it will do well at auction. Unfortunately I’ll be on my way to APE, so I’ll miss the big party but if you’re in Denver on September 30th you’ve got to check it out!

The illustration is based on Chilean flag trees. In the southern part of Chile it is so consistently windy that the trees are forced to grow almost horizontally if they want to survive. It’s an amazing phenomenon! I’m also working on an illustrated map of Chile that I will be able to share in a few months.

Are custom skate decks something you would be interested in purchasing? I’m having a blast with this and would love to create one for you too!



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