Let’s Start a New Illustration Industry! | Ben the Illustrator

“Let’s do it!  Come on illustrators!  Grab your pencils and macs and stuff, let’s go start a new industry!  It’ll be like Detroit in the 1950s, where industry is king, we’re talking Boomtown here!  It’s going to be ace, and we’re all going to be professional illustrators on professional wages.  Are you with me?  We’ll have to leave some people behind though, they won’t be allowed into the new industry.  Here’s a little history lesson about what happened and why we need to do this…   continue reading


There has been a lot of talk recently about the state of the illustration industry and the amount of free or underpaid work that goes on. Ben the Illustrator wrote two wonderful posts on his Tumblr blog about the subject (read part 2 here).

While there are situations in which doing work for free or for a very limited budget are acceptable, like charity work, for the most part we all need to be saying no to working for free. We can talk amongst ourselves about how devalued the industry is but actions will speak louder than words to our clients.

Conversations like the one Ben has started are a great start. Have you turned down clients that wanted you to work for “exposure?”

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