My Creativity is a Fussy Newborn


Just so we’re clear from the beginning, I do not currently and have not ever raised a child. BUT, as far as I can tell, my creativity is like a fussy newborn in more ways than one.

Some days it wakes up crying and nothing I do will soothe it. It refuses to let me work because it needs something but it refuses to tell me what that is.

Is it hungry or thirsty?

I go grab a snack (trying to ignore thoughts about my waistline) and make a cup of tea. Nope, still crying.

Is it bored?

I go for a walk or take a break and read. Screaming like a banshee.


I hand it over to my husband for some reassurance and encouragement. Wait… I think that might… oh, nope. Crying again.

Other days my creativity is more like a toddler. It’s defiant and consistently says no to any fun new projects I offer it. It throws tantrums, refuses to come out of its hiding place, or demands cookies or other treats before it will behave.

So what do you do when your creativity refuses to cooperate? Should you coddle it? Give it a bit of tough love?

Only you know how to get your creativity back in line when it’s behaving like a child, but maybe next time try a different approach. Experiment with your creativity and you may surprise yourself.

Another way my creativity is like my child? I love it unconditionally and will do whatever is necessary to nurture it and help it to grow.

How do you handle your creativity when it’s throwing a fit?

6 thoughts on “My Creativity is a Fussy Newborn

    • Thanks Stew! I really appreciate the fact that you enjoy my writing. I’m working on a big, new project that will involve lots of my writing, so stay tuned!

  1. For me, it’s usually just a case of persistence. Continue to tell my creativity what it needs to do and what rewards it will get for behaving well. I like to “dangle the carrot” with some incentives and also talk with others to trick my creativity into listening to someone else about the same thing.
    P.S. I use these same methods on my 3 year old 😉

    • Sometimes for me the carrot turns into pressure and actually makes gives my creativity a bit of performance anxiety. I try to convince it that it will feel so much better if it just gets a little bit of work done.

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