30 Days of Comics – Days 5 & 6

30-days-comics-subway-astoria-queens-kondrichWhew! A whirlwind weekend that ended with my 30 Days of Comics entries for days 4 & 5. The first comic is only the first half of one. After getting a better brush to ink with and getting used to the brush I knew I could never get this whole page finished in time and I really want to stick to the schedule. The second half will be up probably tomorrow or Tuesday.


Marathon-comic-30-days-comics-kondrich-runningI know, I know, my lettering is awful. I tried it with the brush first, but I either need much more practice or a smaller brush if I’m going to stick with it as a lettering tool. So I switched to a pen in the interest of time and readability. Also, I’ve been doing these in a Moleskine and it’s just not great with the ink. I get some bleeding now and then if it’s a spot on the page that I’ve done a lot of erasing on.

This comic was inspired by marathon day and features the comic debut of my brother-in-law, Erik and my almost-two-year-old niece, Ella.

At the end of the day my wrist and back were killing me, but I am so happy to be working with a brush and ink again. And I must say, I’m pretty pleased with the results so far!

How do you letter your comics?




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