New Illustrations, Experiments, & the Sea


Over the last few months I’ve been experimenting here and there with new ways of working. I wasn’t feeling comfortable or happy with the way I was coloring work or with the consistency of style in my portfolio. I started looking more closely at a few illustrators whom I greatly admire and studying what it was that I liked about their work and tried to incorporate some of those things in my own way.

Over the holidays we went with my whole family to Belize and did a bit of snorkeling. I’m not sure if these pieces were inspired by that or if it’s a total coincidence. I noticed that several of my stronger pieces happen to involve the sea. I couldn’t tell you why.


I plan to continue working this way. It feels much more natural and will help me convey my ideas and messages more clearly.

Happy New Year to everyone!

These pieces are also available as prints on Society6 here.

One thought on “New Illustrations, Experiments, & the Sea

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