How to Do All Those Things You’ve Been Planning to Do

This post should probably be titled “Do As I Say, Not As I Do.” I’m writing it as much for my own benefit as for yours.

It’s also going to be a bit of tough love – for both of us.

If you’re anything like me, and probably the majority of artists, you have a long list of projects you want to get to at some point. Many of us have another list of things titled “Someday” or “To Try.” I know I do.

We’re artists. We’re hard-wired to want to master every technique and keep too many plates spinning at once.

It’s not a bad thing. It’s what moves us forward and keeps us excited.

And I’ve figured out how to get to all of those things I’ve been meaning to try.

Quit planning it and JUST DO IT.

Stop letting other things get in your way. There are a million excuses to be made for why you can’t get to something yet, and some of them are most definitely valid, but if it’s really important to you you will find a way.

It’s like dating. If someone says, “I just don’t have time for a real relationship right now,” it means, “I don’t have time for a relationship with you.” If they were serious about wanting to date you, they would make the time.

The same goes for artistic pursuits.

As I mentioned above, I need this advice as much as anyone. And it’s advice that my friends and even my husband have given me in the past. Now I’m finally ready to act on it.

Sorry if that was harsh. You (I) needed to hear it.




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