Kaiju Monster Battle for Tofugu

This week I finished my first real illustration with watercolors. It was commissioned by Tofugu.com for the banner of a new site they will be launching soon – WaniKani.com.

Below is a scan of the full painting – which is also for sale (if you’re interested shoot me an email). The half-crab half-alligator creature was envisioned by the client and they specifically requested a kaiju-style  monster battle. Beyond that, I was given free reign to have fun – which I did.


Below is a larger, cropped image which is how it will appear on the site. I’ll try to grab a screenshot when it goes live. You can see some process images of the illustration in my previous blog post. It is also available as a print here.

If you like this style and you’re interested in a commission, get in touch!


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