Countdown to Tuscany


Only a few short days and I will be in Vinci, Italy thanks to DaVinci Wine!

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With a book proposal almost in the bag, potential jobs floating around, and the excitement of traveling to Italy on Saturday, I’m getting very little sleep these days.

The photo above, from DaVinci’s Facebook page, is apparently a photo of a guest house where I’ll be staying. If you want to follow along with me on the trip, subscribe to this blog and follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

My bags are very much unpacked at this point, so I’ve got some work to do before Saturday. DaVinci has an amazing itinerary lined up for us including things like cooking classes, a wine blending session, a visit to the culinary market in Florence, and lots of amazing food and wine.

I will be documenting the trip in photographs and through illustration and will be sharing as much as I can while I’m there.

Stay tuned!

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