DaVinci Storyteller Experience, Pt 2


Framed illustrations inside the chapel.

Below you will find a few photos and links to the album from day 2 of my experience in Tuscany as a DaVinci Wine Storyteller.

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Day 2 was our first winery tour at the Cantine de Leonardo DaVinci and that was followed by a wine blending session. We learned the fine art of blending a Chianti, which must be at least 75% Sangiovese. Needless to say, DaVinci has not decided to produce any of the blends we created that day.


The blending session was followed by lunch at Bruno Rossetti’s home. Bruno is a grower for DaVinci and has a beautiful estate where they also grow olives, tomatoes, zucchini and more. They have half a dozen different kinds of fruit trees – too bad the fruit wasn’t ripe just yet.


The evening was capped off with a delicious dinner at the Wine Loft near the Casale. We walked through the vineyard down to the restaurant where we enjoyed amazing, fresh seafood outside as the sun set.


Head over to my Facebook page to find all of my photo albums from this amazing experience. I’m working on a special project for DaVinci that will help tell the story of the people and places behind their wine which I will reveal in a month or so.


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