DaVinci Storyteller Experience: Morelli Pasta Review

I know, I know. I haven’t put up any new illustration in a while. I plan to change that later this week but, for now, I wanted to share a little more from my DaVinci Storyteller Experience.

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During our visit, we were fortunate to have the opportunity to visit the Morelli Pasta factory near Pisa. They are known for having the best dried pasta in all of Italy.

After our tour through the factory, we were very fortunate to be given generous samples of the pasta. I took home packages of their Lemon & Pepper Linguine, Pepperoncini Linguine, and their basic spaghetti. My husband and I gave the Lemon & Pepper Linguine a try first.



We prepared the pasta simply with some shrimp, olive oil and cherry tomatoes. We also decided to open the bottle of DaVinci Chianti Classico that I brought home with me. Yes, I know that we should have had white wine but sometimes we just want red. What can I say?



The pasta turned out beautifully. Perfectly al dente and wonderfully flavorful.

What makes this pasta special is the fact that they don’t remove the wheat germ like most semolina pasta. This gives it a unique flavor that needs very little in the way of sauce. We were told that it would be difficult to over cook this pasta because of the quality. They said that you can always tell a good quality dried pasta by putting a little water on the plate. If it’s a good quality, the water should be gone (absorbed by the pasta) in a few minutes. This means that the pasta will also absorb sauce in the same way.

Last week, we gave the spaghetti a try with my husband’s legendary bolognese. It was tough to keep from over-saucing the pasta, as we Americans are wont to do, but it was worth it. It was absolutely delicious. I don’t think this pasta is sold in the US, but I see an international order in our near future.

They have some amazing flavors that I would love to try including a squid ink pasta, cocoa pasta (not sweet), and garlic and basil pasta.

For more photos of my Storyteller Experience and of the Morelli Pasta factory, please visit my Facebook Page.

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