Daisy Hill


Architectural illustration is not a field I expected myself to be in one day, but after I created an image for my alma mater’s Christmas card last year, it seems to be something I have a knack for. I have done a bit of work for other universities (and if you’d like me to paint something for yours, get in touch!), but this painting was a little something different.

A friend of mine commissioned this painting of her boyfriend’s grandmother’s home as a birthday gift. It is a house with a name – and who doesn’t want to live in a house with a name? Meet Daisy Hill. I’m told her boyfriend loves it.

This painting provided me an excellent opportunity to make the piece EXACTLY as I wanted it with no digital manipulation since the original painting was being framed and given as the gift. I often tweak colors or saturation levels digitally because I can be a bit timid with those things when I’m painting but there was no room for that this time!


Below are some of my sketches and color studies that I sent to my friend before beginning the final painting.

DaisyHill_Sketch 1 DaisyHill_Sketch 2 DaisyHill_Sketch

Back to Work with a Baby: Part 4 – Alone Time


It has been quite a while since my last “Back to Work with a Baby” post. I suppose that’s what happens when you try to continue working from home – with a baby – and then try to add some extra blog posts on top of that. So now our little one is almost 7 months old and things are starting to normalize – at least until she’s mobile.

As I’ve mentioned previously, finding the time for both my husband and I to get our work done has been one of our biggest challenges. We’ve both had very busy first halves of 2015 and hopefully the rest of the year continues that way. But for me, that has meant a real lack of alone time to do anything other than client work or promotion. And when I do find myself with a bit of time, I can’t use that time very well when I’m home and the baby is home. Even if my husband is taking care of her for a few hours I find it difficult to let my mind ignore what they are doing and just have some fun with my sketchbook.

Yesterday I had the chance to get out of the house with just my sketchbook (and John Hendrix‘s Drawing is Magic). I took a long walk (despite the threat of 90 degree weather) to a coffee shop and just sat and sketched some people around me. And when they all got up and left, I played around with Drawing is Magic. It felt SO GOOD to be out by myself and to be doing whatever I wanted for a couple of hours. It would seem like I should have been able to do that before now, but between my work and my husband’s work, the free time I have had usually went to chores or simply lying on the sofa, exhausted.

Even though I was only gone for about two hours yesterday, I found it incredibly rejuvenating. It’s something so simple, but something that I think will help with my creative energy despite being so tired all the time. And again, it seems so obvious, but making my free time away from the apartment more of a priority will allow me to be happier in the face of a very stressful time in our lives.

Did I mention we’re moving to Providence? So there’s that as well.