New Personal Work – The Door


I am so happy to finally be posting this piece. It is a personal piece that started as a sketch for an editorial assignment. Why waste a good sketch, am I right?

This piece was done in ink and then separately in acrylic. It can be a huge challenge to put the two together after the fact, but it yields some satisfying “happy accidents.” Sometimes I think I try too hard to make things cleaner and more perfect than would be my natural tendency, so I’ve decided to embrace that tendency. Especially when I’ve been swamped with work lately and have an 11 month old on the verge of walking (which reminds me, a Back to Work with a Baby post is WAY overdue) – it doesn’t leave a lot of room for working against my own inclinations.

Seeing other artists’ process images always interests me so I want to start including more of them in my posts.


If you look closely at the above ink drawing you can see where I made some changes/corrections. Maybe I should start a new game – find all the changes! Below is a color comp I did before I started the final. If you don’t currently do color comps/thumbnails when you’re starting a new project, you need to start. They make a huge difference and give you a chance to play around with the colors in a stress-free way. I need that roadmap when I start painting and so that I don’t follow a crazy filter rabbit hole in Photoshop on the back end.