Cookie Thief

cookie-thief-kitchen-baking-fall-kondrichThis piece started out as a random sketch of the cutest little girl I saw in the LaGuardia airport this summer. Once I was home I finished up the drawing and voila! A nice, new children’s illustration. I think I may use this piece as a fall mailer.

Don’t those cookies look swell? It’s making me want to do some baking this afternoon.



‘Detention’ at The Illustrated Section

Detention is a spooky, all-ages comic about a boy sent to a mysterious detention room. Recalling the tales of Franz Kakfa and the original Twilight Zone series, Detention will chill any kid to the bone.

And it is available now as an ebook over at The Illustrated Section!  Below is a little wordless sneak peek to help whet your comics appetite. Please help spread the word and leave reviews! Dani Jones has done such a fantastic job with The Illustrated Section. She’s doing a great thing for artists so not only can you support my work, but browse and support other artists while you’re at it.

The comic will be available in print in October along with Boo! A Spooky Anthology for Kids, the anthology that it was created for.


Ammo Magazine Illustration!



The new issue of Ammo Magazine is being launch today and I am honored to have this illustration printed in the magazine. The issue is being launched alongside the inkygoodness Character Totem Homecoming show. I only wish I could be there for the launch. I’ve been a fan of Ammo since it was first published, and if you aren’t familiar with it, please check out the site. It’s like a little handful of illustration candy!

You can purchase the magazine at Ammo’s website and you can also purchase prints of this piece at Society6.

My First Picture Book: Fly Danny, Fly


Mark your calendars because the day has come! Last year I was commissioned to illustrate my first picture book, Fly Danny, Fly, and the release date is just around the corner. On May 22nd the book will officially be available and there will be a release party in in Chicago. If you’re around, you can find more info about the party here.

This book was written by Chip Gilbertson and Gina Restivo. The entire illustration process was highly collaborative which was challenging at times, but I learned so much about myself and my work. Chip and Gina created the book in honor of Danny Stanton, a boy who passed away in 2009 from Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP). A portion of the book sales will benefit the Danny Did Foundation created by his parents as a resource for other families struggling with Epilepsy.



This is one of the illustrations from the book that I am most proud of. Once the book is released, on Sunday, I will add a few more images from the book to my portfolio. Check out for info on how you can purchase a copy.

Also, as you may know, I’m working on a short, spooky kid’s comic for an anthology that will be coming out in October – just in time for Halloween! Check back to the blog regularly for updates and sneak peeks of how it’s coming along.

Tae Kwon Do Spot Illustrations

This week I decided to focus on creating some new work for my Children’s portfolio. I had done a sketch of a little girl bowing to a Tae Kwon Do instructor and decided to run with it. Below are the 3 spot illustrations I created as well as my sketches so you can get a feel for where I start versus where I end up!














“The Detention” Main Character & comic process



Today I finished the first draft of my new spooky, all-ages comic that I’m creating over at You can check out my process so far here. Obviously, I’ve got lots of people to help critique the work as I go, but if you check out the process and have any suggestions for me, please come back and let me know! This is my first longer form comic, so I have lots to learn. You can see some of the other characters here.

“The Detention” Characters

Right now I’m working on another short, all-ages story for a scary anthology at Illopond called “BOO!” I worked with some of the same contributors on “8: A Kid’s Book Anthology” and some are new to the site. Check it out if you are interested in collaborating with other artists or want to start your own.

My story is called “The Detention” and you can see where I am with the process here.  Below are two of the characters that my protagonist will encounter while he’s in detention. Feel free to critique them since the story is still in development.





Diary Comic – Bookstore Woes


I’ve managed to get out another diary comic this week. When I started inking it I left off the borders and I think it actually works nicely that way. Below is the sketch of the comic so you can see my process a little bit. I’m trying to get in a lot of comics practice right now because I’m working on a new, spooky all-ages comic for a project over at That being said, if you have any critiques please pass them along! I have thick skin, I promise.



I’ve also been working with my character design for the spooky story (the working title is The Detention). I’m working on getting my protagonist just right so I thought I’d post a few more sketches of him for Sketchbook Month.

Sketchbook Month – Day 28


Today’s sketches for Sketchbook Month are some character sketches I’m working on. I’m creating a spooky comic story for a new Anthology over at Illopond. I think I’m getting close with the one in the lower right, but I’m still working on it.

Sketchbook Month – Days 22 & 23

Here are a few little character sketches I did and below is the first character cuddling with a polar bear.


Doing a sketch a day has been harder than I expected! I do so much drawing that’s not just for fun that it’s difficult sometimes to make my brain relax and just draw random stuff. This should prove to be a good exercise and hopefully I’ll keep up the habit as much as I can.

Currently, I’m finishing up the skate deck I’ve been working on, finishing up an illustration for the Village Voice (yay!), and working on a few personal projects. Also, you can now find my work over at Creative Boom in their LookBook.