Toshiko D’Elia – A Posthumous Portrait



This latest illustration in gouache is of a woman named Toshiko D’Elia. I found her obituary inĀ The New York Times and I was struck by her incredible life. She was born in Kyoto, Japan and after coming to the United States to teach deaf children, she began running marathons at the age of 44 and quickly began breaking records for her age group. She defeated cervical cancer and kept running until a few days before brain cancer took her life at 84.

I highly recommend reading her obituary. She was a woman that that was not a public celebrity, but certainly led an inspirational life worth remembering.

DaVinci Wine Storyteller: Cannoli and Zio


So, I couldn’t wait to share the rest of what I created for DaVinci Wine’s Storyteller Experience. Above is a painting of some delicious cannoli we enjoyed before dinner in Livorno.

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‘Eustace Tilley, Barista’ Chosen as a Winner of The New Yorker Contest!


A few weeks ago I posted this illustration for The New Yorker’s 2012 Eustace Tilley Book-Bag Contest. In mid-January I learned that I was chosen as 1 of the 12 winners! My work won’t be on a Strand bag, but it is currently up on The New Yorker’s site and you can read their blog post about the winners here.