Goodies, goodies, everywhere!

Over the last few months I’ve received lots of goodies from friends and colleagues on Twitter and I wanted to share them with you as well as give those who created them a little exposure! I’m slowly filling up my little studio with work by so many talented and inspirational artists!

Above are just a few of the things I’ve received lately including a print by Jesse Kuhn of RawToastDesign. He is a super-friendly illustrator living in NYC. I had the good fortune to meet him at a lecture at the Society of Illustrators. I also received an awesome Christmas card from him (and by him), which was really nice. Check out his work! I love the texture and color that he uses and he creates great editorial pieces.

I also have a new owl buddy from Dolls for Friends. I didn’t know what they were sending me and was thrilled when I opened the package. This is the first piece of theirs that I’ve seen in person, but judging from the quality and from what I’ve seen in photos, they don’t disappoint!


The above card was an extra special surprise from Matt Williams aka Uberkraaft. He sent out this wonderful New Year’s card that appears to be letterpress (extra fancy!) and, of course, the illustration is wonderful. I’ve been a fan of his work since I started illustrating and watching it evolve has been a blast. His imagination inspires me to stretch my own.

I have a few other goodies that aren’t pictured, including notecards from the lovely Nina Crittenden and a copy of “Baba Yaga and the Wolf” by Tin Can Forest from Squidface and the Meddler. I haven’t read it yet, but the illustrations are gorgeous so I’m looking forward to it.

Finally, I have a quick plug for Postcards from the Edge. It’s a postcard exhibit in New York City that benefits Visual AIDS. Please check out the site and if you can get to the show take pictures for me! My piece is in there somewhere. And also, by pure alphabetical luck, my name sits next to Jeff Koons which made me happy.

I hope your new year is off to a smashing start!

Happy New Year: Goals for 2011

2010 was a great year. Definitely stressful at times, but most of the stress was positive. My illustration career officially began and I have had several pieces published, which was my main goal for the year. Now it’s time to set even more ambitious goals. In 2011, I plan to:


*Blog 1-2 times per week

*Add a new piece to my portfolio every month

*Follow a more focused daily schedule

*Jump back into comics by drawing a short comic once a week

* Redesign my website

*Begin researching and writing an all-ages graphic novel

*Research and consider looking for an agent

and *Participate in more collaborative projects I find via Twitter


I would like to thank you all for following me and always being supportive. I’ve invested a lot in this new venture and I’m poised to make lots of big strides this year.

Happy New Year to you all and may 2011 bring you success and happiness!

Happy Holidays and Thank you!



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you so much to everyone who has been reading the blog, following me on Twitter and/or supporting my first year as an illustrator. The support of friends (both online and off) and family (especially my husband Chris) has meant the world to me.

2010 brought many milestones including my first published illustration and I am in the process of writing down my goals for 2011, of which there are many, to be posted next week.

Also, we now have an adorable whippet puppy named Jad (after Jad Abumrad of RadioLab) and he would also like to wish you Happy Holidays.

This blog has moved!

Hi readers,

I am happy to announce my new website: Here you will be able to continue to follow the blog, view my portfolio and generally keep up to date with me and my work. Thank you all for reading and please be sure to update your bookmarks and subscriptions to stay up to date.

All the best!


The Renmen Project for Haiti

The Renmen Project was recently launched and is a cause that I would like to support whole-heartedly.  The devastating earthquake in Haiti has left so many without food, water, or shelter and I think it’s important that we all do what we can to help a nation that doesn’t have the power to help all who need it. 

The Renmen Project

A project in aid of UNICEF’s Haiti Earthquake Emergency Fund


Project description

Renmen’ is the Haitian word for Love, the bird in the logo is the Hispaniolan Trogon, the national bird of Haiti. ‘The Renmen Project’ has been brought together by the team at Thunder Chunky and Ben The Illustrator in order to raise funds for UNICEF’s Haiti Earthquake Children’s Appeal.

Throughout 2010 we will be working with a selection of top artists and designers from around the world to create artwork which we will be selling online. Every penny made from art sales will be going to Unicef’s appeal fund.

The web address for the project is:


Staying up to date

As soon as we add new artists to the line up and new items to the shop, we will send the details out to the special Renmen Project mailing list. There’s a form to sign up for it over on the official Renmen Project site:

Thank you so much for your support, we really, really appreciate it, and fingers crossed we raise a whole bunch of money for a desperate cause.

Finally, if you’d like more information of UNICEF’s Emergency Fund then go to:

Take care

The Renmen Project team!

Their first offering is a hand drawn sketch on parchment paper by Ben the Illustrator.  They are on sale now!  Each one sold will provide a family with a basic water kit.  Please check them out and get involved!  If you’ve bee thinking about donating and haven’t found the right fund or just haven’t gotten around too it, now’s the time!

Follow them on Twitter

The Renmen Project

Ben the Illustrator


Christmas is coming…


Since everyone else seems to be in the Christmas spirit already, I decided to jump on the bandwagon with this little design.  Walking to the train from work one night I saw lights that a business had put on the tree outside of the building and I was inspired.  Designs like this are unusual for me, but right now I’m open to whatever wants to come spilling out of my head!  I would love to use this as a Christmas card – if only I sent out Christmas cards.  I’m the worst at correspondence because holidays always seem to sneak up on me.  Buying thoughtful gifts on time is the best I can do right now.  Maybe next year when I’ll be an old married lady I’ll design a card for me and the hubby. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sarah Oleksyk

oleksyk_15variations_p1I discovered this great comic today via Melinda Stanley on Twitter.  These sweet little vignettes by Sarah Oleksyk come full circle to create a lifetime full of “The First Day We Met.”  Sarah is a great artist and illustrator.  Check out her work – you won’t be disappointed.

Lumberjack Lovers wish you a Happy Halloween!

16334_525646064342_43102567_31256298_662303_n Lumberjacks in Love Halloween 09

Happy Halloween everyone!  Hoping for trick or treaters this afternoon and while I wait, I thought I would wish you all a Happy Halloween with a photo of the costumes that Chris and I wore last night and will be wearing tonight.  We’re lumberjacks and we’re in love.  Chris had a mustache malfunction, so we decided his stubble was enough.

More Sketching and a New Pen

10-27 10/27/2009

10-29 10/29/2009

Here are a few more of my journal drawings.  The second one was done with my new Lamy Joy calligraphy pen.  I had heard a lot of great things about Lamy Safari fountain pens, but when I actually tried one out there was not enough variety in the quality of line for me.  I was looking for something that could substitute my dip pens and that would be portable.  While shopping for pens at Lee’s Art Shop in NYC the salesman mentioned calligraphy pens.  I tried this one out and quickly realized that this is more like what I was looking for.  I get a great variety of line and I can take the pen everywhere.  I could do without the blue ink, especially since I would prefer something waterproof, which this isn’t.  For some reason, this ink and the paper in the Moleskine sketchbook just don’t mix very well – I found myself going over things several times.  I did, however LOVE the way it looked and felt when writing.  I plan to buy some Noodler’s Bulletproof black ink, but for now I’m going to keep experimenting.  So far, I would recommend this pen to anyone looking for a starter fountain pen.

Visual Diaries

Excerpt from Liyin's Journal Excerpt from Liyin's Journal

Looking at the work of other artists and illustrators has felt very important as I work to expand my portfolio.  Over and over I have come across the concept of visual journals or diaries.  Above is an amazing excerpt from Liyin the Designer-In-Pajamas.  This one in particular has inspired me to start keeping a visual diary of my own.  I know I won’t be producing pages anywhere near this level for awhile, but I do think it’s a fantastic idea for anyone who is trying to find their voice as an artist or illustrator.  How better to find it than to draw something everyday – regardless of how it turns out.  I think it is important to have a place to write and draw about your thoughts and experiences with complete freedom.  I’m sure it will take me a few days (or weeks or months) to really get into it and get used to drawing without a lot of sketching first, but in the long run I believe it will improve not only my drawing skills but also my conceptualizing skills.