Barnum & Bailey: After Hours

Yesterday I put the finishing touches on the skate deck I’ve been illustrating fo the Montana Skatepark’s On Deck Auction. This was the first time I’ve done anything with a skate deck so it was a great challenge. You can bid on the deck’s up for auction in early April, I believe and the opening reception will be May 6th. If you’re in the area, please check it out!

I know it’s a bit tough to see, but here are the pencils that I started with. I’m not an amazing photographer, as you may have guessed.


Then I started inking using a dip pen and india ink. What my ink test on the other side of the deck didn’t tell me was that the ink was going to have a tendency to bead up on the slick surface.

Despite that, I decided that I liked the rough look it gave the drawing and just went with it.

Drawing in proper perspective was a huge challenge on a surface that’s curved in more places that you might think. And photographing it properly was really tough. If anyone knows how to turn this into a digital line drawing, please get in touch! I’d love to sell this as a print as well.