Sneak Peek of a Panicking Chicken



Since early December life has been extra crazy and it appears it might continue that way for a while. I’ve had a good amount of client work is is great and I’ve also been working on a lot of personal stuff.

This year I am developing a new, more cohesive style and trying to fill my portfolio up with this new work. My last blog post featured some of the new work. Above is a little peek at one I’m working on now.

Just before Christmas I signed up with Hire an Illustrator. You can see my portfolio here. It’s only been a couple of weeks but I have seen traffic to my site increase and I am very hopeful about the work it might bring in. I’ll post a comprehensive review of it in a few months.

This weekend I’m driving home to my parents’ house to pick up my new STANDING WORKSTATION! I’m so excited to see it and get it set up in the apartment – especially since I already sold my drawing desk. I’ll be posting photos and a review of it next week.