New Yorker Illustration

No, no. I don’t actually have any work in The New Yorker … yet. But I did create this piece that I submitted as a possible cover.



This piece was one of the final illustrations I created while working with Daniel Fishel for a semester (the other final illustration was my Katy Perry piece). My work both conceptually and technically took a huge leap forward while working with Daniel and I am eager to start doing more editorial work as a result.

As per usual, this piece is available as a print and I have also added a few new original paintings to my shop.


Oh, and for fun, I mocked this up as though it was a real The New Yorker cover.

Cover Illustration for The Writer’s Chronicle


In the middle of a wonderful Icelandic vacation with my husband, I was commissioned to create a cover illustration and an interior illustration for the September 2013 issue of The Writer’s Chronicle. Both of the articles I was illustrating were centered around poetry which was lucky since I’m married to a poet (Chris Kondrich, if you’re interested in poetry).

Above is the cover illustration for an article titled Re(in)fusing Heaven, a story about “poets with a sense of the unknown.” Below is how the illustration looks as the cover.


In addition to the cover, I did a half-page illustration for an interview with poet Arthur Sze titled Endlessly Branching. Below is the final illustration and the version in the layout. Thanks to AD Sara Flood! As always, you can find prints of my work in my print shop.



Cover Illustration for Regent’s College London EBS Alumni Magazine


Late last year I was asked to create a cover illustration for EBS London, Regent’s College London’s alumni magazine. It was a food and drink special with the tagline ‘The Ingredients of Success.” They loved the spaghetti and meatballs idea and provided the words they wanted to include within the pasta. They were such a pleasure to work with and I was thrilled to be working on my first cover. Below is a larger image of just the illustration.