Diary Comic 3/11/11: Stranahan’s


I’ve been trying to find the time to do some diary comics now and then. My husband hasn’t been giving me enough fodder for “CPK”  (which is probably better for him!) so I’m going to supplement them with these. The whole point is get practice with comics and find my voice and storytelling style anyway.

Last week we were lucky enough to be chosen in the Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey lottery to help bottle the whiskey. This is expensive stuff and we were almost out of after-dinner drinks so the timing was perfect.

I’m the Boss!



It’s not quite a CPK comic, but obviously my husband and the dog have made another appearance. A few big projects have gotten in the way of my comics-making which has been frustrating, but I did manage to get this quick one done.  It was drawn on a Moleskine folio sketchbook and I had some issues finding the right tool for drawing in it. I started the first panel with microns but they soaked in too much and when I erased pencil lines it lifted some of the ink. Then I switched to a Tachikawa School G Nip pen which worked a bit better, but it bleeds a little and it’s harder to get a super thick line. I think I’ll have to go with a dip pen for future projects in this particular book. I bought the book so I could collect all my comics in one place. Right now it seems silly but when it’s full of comics I know I’ll enjoy looking back through it.